Wednesday, March 30, 2016


April begins on Friday. The weather today was sunny and warm, but by Sunday it may be below freezing again.

I think it was T.S. Elliot that said "April is the cruelest month". This is exactly what he meant. Spring has come, the flowers are beginning to appear, and after weeks of pleasantly warm weather, there is still the potential for snow. I remember one April when I was a child where we had significant snow in April. So yes, the cruelest month: the tease of sunny, warm days and the chance of freezing cold. It's like hanging a carrot in front of the horse and then pulling it away when it reaches out for it.

I like April because it's full of promise. We see the future as the buds begin to appear on the trees, the day's slowly lengthen, and optimism abounds. It may be cruel in its unpredictability, but sometimes the mysteries in life are the most fun. Change is good. There will be plenty of hot, humid, predictable summer days ahead. A little surprise now and then is just fine with me.

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