Thursday, February 4, 2016


They say there's snow coming tonight. I'm a little worried, only because I'm on ambulance duty.

The most challenging months for me in terms of being an ambulance volunteer are December through March. And January and February are by far the worst. The snow can really be a challenge in answering calls, especially when there's a lot of it. First there is the cleaning off of the car for me, since we don't have the luxury of a garage. I have a windshield cover that helps, but I still need to make sure I can see out the back and side windows to safely negotiate the roads.

Then there is the issue of the driveway. If there's a lot of snow and the plows are out working, my biggest challenge can be getting through the pile at the end of my driveway. As long as I can get a good running start I can usually do it.

Which brings me to the third challenge: traffic. If there is no other traffic on the road, I'm usually good. It's those other cars that provide the danger. If my car slides a little (especially when coming out of the previously mentioned driveway) it's no big deal. Unless there is a car on the road to slide into.

Of course there is the challenge of walking and maneuvering stretchers and patients around as well. But once I actually get to the ambulance from my house I feel as though I've already won the battle.

In twenty-five years I've never missed a call at night regardless of the weather. And tonight is not supposed to amount to much. I think all will be well. And hopefully I'll get through yet another winter without missing a call...

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