Tuesday, February 16, 2016


The weekends cold was something to see. A trip to the ocean produced an amazing sight at steamy mist rose off the warmer water into the frigid air. There was frost on the windows, and icicles everywhere, and a step outside was bracing for sure.

Today my car thermometer read 42 degrees at 7 am and it continued to climb throughout the day. It's been a lobbing while since we've had a fifty degree swing in one day, so this may be one for the books. It certainly was strange to go to church dressed in a long, wool coat with woolen scarf around my head and face, to a sweater this morning as my only guard against a chill. This is a confusing week for us-I've no doubt the bulbs and bushes are equally off their game.

We're officially half way through February though so the winter is closing fast. Within a month snow will become less of a threat and the magic period of "waking up" will be upon us. There is always joy in the promise of spring and the starkly beautiful gray landscapes will be bursting will color in no time at all.

Time moves too quickly at my age and I am reminded so often of my grandmother warning me it to "wish away time" because once it's gone it never comes back. It's true, of course. Each day behind us means fewer in front of us, and so it goes.

And so it goes.....

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