Sunday, February 28, 2016

Sunday School

Ive been teaching Sunday School this winter. It's the first time in many years - and it has triggered so many memories.

Sunday School has most certainly changed since I was a child. These days I use DVDs to help with the singing and videos on DVRs to teach the Bible story. I remember my teachers using flannel graphs. Remember flannel graphs? There were solid sheets of various colored flannel used for backgrounds. I remember my grandmother using colored chalk to create dessert backgrounds and houses and mountains. Then there were the figures cut out of heavy paper with some kind of fabric on the back that would stick to the flannel. These were the days before velcro! Anyway, there was always an easel with a board that the background would be draped over and the story would unfold as the teacher moved figures, changed backgrounds, and tried to be as animated as possible to keep our attention.

It's actually not as much fun now. I feel less like a teacher than a technician. But the kids are fun!

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