Friday, February 12, 2016


I sense a feeling of restlessness among my fellow East Enders these days. It's easy to see that some folks don't embrace the winter the way I do. I'm not sure why I don't mind it when everywhere I go people are complaining about the cold, but I really don't. Perhaps it's inborn-my parents were not warm weather people-or maybe it comes from the knowledge that we would never be in a position to spend our winters in warmer climates anyway so why even think about it? I don't know, but I'm glad I feel the way I do. I'm enjoying this season very much.

This weekend they're predicting record cold temperatures. Tonight it will drop to the single digits and stay there through Sunday. I'm hoping there are no ambulance calls tonight since I'm on duty and I know if I go out I may as well stay because I'll never be able to warm up again once I get inside.

Tomorrow night we have friends coming for dinner and that's the perfect way to spend a cold Saturday night, with food and conversation.

Sunday well head for church and then we're entertaining four of the grandchildren for a Valentine luncheon, to give their parents a chance to have some alone time. All good things and the makings of a perfect winter weekend.

The temperatures outside might be low but my spirits are high. After all, no amount of cold air can touch the warmth in your heart.

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