Tuesday, February 2, 2016


So, according to Puxatawnee Phil, we are due for an early Spring this year. It's a nice idea!

I already feel Spring coming - especially on Tuesday mornings. Driving to Southampton early in the morning I can see the sun coming up earlier. This morning there were wonderful shafts of lights streaking across the open farm fields, announcing a new day sooner than it would have a month ago. And happily, we still have some daylight at 5:00 in the afternoon, inching slowly toward those longer days to come.

Today was warm enough to feel like early Spring, but there are still cold days to come. We may still have snow and we may still be in winter, but we sense that a new season is slowly coming our way. Day by day, week by week, time goes by too quickly to wish for the future today. We need to treasure every moment and love where we are. Spring is delightful, but Winter is too. Because life is good and meant to be savored. And so we shall.

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