Thursday, February 11, 2016


t was nice to see the blue sky appear today after so many days of dull, gray overhead. The bright blue is back and the sun is doing its best to dry up the wet areas, which should help over the next few days when we're heading into the deep freeze.

The snow has been falling on and off all week it seems-nothing to write home about, but the walkways were coated this morning. With the sun bouncing off the frozen white covering the ground it's bright and beautiful, but it is certainly cold.

East Hampton is always beautiful in the snow. The usual brown grass and dirt of the season looks so much prettier when it's white, and even the brown hedges look nicer. With their clean, white tops. The wind seems to redistribute it all every once in awhile, but all in all its nice to look out at from the warmth of my home. I'm glad not to have an outdoor job in the coldest part of winter. Snow is much more appealing from the inside looking out.

Well there isn't all that much left of the winter now and in a matter of weeks we'll be talking about spring planting. Just over a month now and Easter will be upon us. The days, weeks, months and years all pass too quickly when you're this side of middle-age. No complaints here about the long nights of winter.

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