Saturday, February 20, 2016

Kite surfing

We happened onto a real treat today by simple dumb luck.

We went to a local shop and grabbed some sandwiches, then drove to the beach to eat and watch the surf roll in. It was windy so and surf was really whipped up, with lots of white water and choppy waves coming in a great pattern of disarray. I immediately noticed a pile of some kind of equipment piled on the sand, looking like a bunch of duffel bags and tools. Wondering who it belonged too I was looking around to see if someone was in reach, when I saw a young man in a full wetsuit appear. He went right to the pile and began working. He unpacked bags, layer out rope, and started pumping something with a hand pump. It quickly became apparent that he was pumping up some type of sail.

It didn't take long for us to see that this kid was preparing equipment for three people to go kite sailing. Sure enough, by the time he had the third sail almost completely up and anchored on the sand, an SUV drove up and two other guys jumped out in wetsuits. His buddies had arrived.

By this time we were fascinated with the process and had to stay to see how they managed to maneuver these huge kites and their boards from the sand to the water and then take off for a ride. They clearly were of different skill levels as one took off fairly quickly, one followed right behind, but the third struggled a bit to keep upright and make sure the kits stayed in the air. Watching the most skilled go flying across the surface of the water was exhilarating. What a fun way to spend a windy Saturday in February.

It made me want to be young again for the first time in a very long time.

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