Friday, February 19, 2016


I do love Fridays. Even when I have a busy weekend ahead, there's a special freedom in Fridays that comes with not being part of the normal working week.

When we were in our early years of marriage my husband worked Saturdays. He was part of a retail establishment and although I worked Monday through Friday, he worked Tuesday through Saturday. It made for lonely weekends and Sunday was our only day together.

When I started having children and no longer worked a regular scheduled job, I missed having him home on Saturdays because the kids were off from school and home on Saturday. I had chores for them to do and I usually did most of mine as well, but it would have been fun to have him here to do more "family" type things with.

When my oldest was ten, he changed careers and suddenly he worked at an office and had Saturdays and Sundays off. Since then I've learned to love my weekends as we putter around the house doing various things on Saturday mornings, and settling into the couch by early afternoon to watch TV or hit the road to do some other errand together. Its much more fun to have someone to share days off with.

Tomorrow I have a board meeting in the morning but we have no plans for any night this weekend so it will be a nice time of sitting back after the chores are done and spending some time together. I wish he were more of a "games" kind of person as sometimes the televisions gets boring for me, but at least he's here and not off at work. If I get tired of the golf he's watching I can always hop in the car and go off to do my own thing. But at least now I have options. I do miss having the kids around though.....

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