Sunday, February 21, 2016


I love my family Sunday's.

We still do Sunday lunch about every other week all winter long. It's great to catch up with family members I otherwise wouldn't see very often. It's amazing how you can live in the same town as someone and never cross paths, but it's true. So making dates to get together is a good thing.

My regret is that few in the generation following mine take advantage of these family times. One family may come one week and a different one the next, but they are rarely all there together, and I think they are the losers for it. Their children are not growing up with the same sense of Extended family as mine did. And we're quickly losing touch it's them. But it is what it is and attendance isn't mandatory, so there's nothing to be done. As a parent there are times when we look at our children and just know they'll regret something someday, whether it's a lack of discipline, a missed opportunity,or a lack of connection, but nothing I say will get that message across, so like parents everywhere I keep my mouth shut and my thoughts to myself. And I wonder how many times my own mother did the same.

Well regardless of all that, I love every minute of our family time on Sunday's because I know that life is short, and some day, suddenly and possibly without warning, someone will be missing from the circle. And I don't want to look back then and regret not taking advantage of the opportunities when they were given.

With age, wisdom....

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