Tuesday, February 23, 2016


This morning was the first time in months that I left the house at 7am and my headlights didn't automatically come on. I noticed it right away.

The newer cars with the automatic headlights are a wonderful thing. I never have to think about turning headlights on anymore and in fact they are probably on earlier in the evening than I would have were I doing it manually. They sense the level of light and go on when needed. More and more are on all the time now, day and night. Also a good thing.

But this morning when I realized they weren't on at all I had a simultaneous realization and that was how light it was outside. Starting in November I normally travel to the hospital on Tuesday morning in the dark. It has been gradually getting lighter out there but now - completely daylight. We're moving quickly toward Spring.

Of course, once daylight savings hits in a few weeks it will be darker, but no matter - the days are lengthening and it will be short lived. No more pitch black at 7am in any case.

The signs are all around now. Seasonal changes are afoot. I love that.

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