Monday, February 1, 2016


Sunday morning we had breakfast at the Springs Firehouse. They have breakfast there every Sunday as a fundraiser. Then we went to church. In the afternoon we went to the Rotary Club's annual spaghetti dinner, another fundraising event we like to attend.

For me, winter is when we really feel the community out here. Without the distractions of summer, the crowds and the outdoor activities, winter is full of community activities: concerts, lectures, and lots of great fundraisers. Nothing is better in my book than attending a meal prepared and served by local volunteers to raise money for the good works done here all year long by our service organizations. Nearly every face is a familiar one, and there are many people to exchange greetings with, either a wave across the room or a short conversation as we pass either going or coming. We feel at once as though we belong and are welcome. Which is a great feeling.

During the summer months I often feel a bit out of sorts in terms of being part of the fabric of the community. There are many people we rub elbows with who we have little in common with and who aren't much interested in how we take care of each other in times of need. But in the winter its a different story. We're all here together, working as a team, helping each other out when needed and sharing each others joys and sorrows. This is still a small town for 9 months out the the year, and I enjoy that distinction.

Sunday was a very good day.

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