Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Coming storm

Today started out sunny and warm, but the clouds moved in mid-afternoon and the rain has finally arrived. It's going to be a windy, rainy night.

The temperature is still moderate and we can't complain about that. After all, it's rain we're talking about, not snow! So the rain will come and hopefully tomorrow the sun will return. They're talking about snow for next week, maybe. But for now, we're fine as it is.

I put the gas fireplace on this afternoon once I got into the house for good. I'd been out running errands and meeting with people all morning, so I was ready to get back in for some work at home. I had computer work to do, and a cake to bake, and with the skies threatening it was nice to come home. Tonight will be a quiet night here as my husband has a meeting to attend and I'll be alone. Just the rain, and a little wind. And my knitting to tend to. Sounds like a nice way to spend an evening in February to me...

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