Thursday, January 14, 2016

Winter sun

Well the wind has died down a bit, although there are still some gusts out there. The sun is shining again and it's a beautiful day, and I have nothing pressing on my schedule, so I'm getting a lot done at home. I've been cooking and cleaning, and taking regular breaks to read The Star, collect the mail, and check the Internet. I love this kind of day and after the hectic and busy holidays it seems like vacation.

I always said its a good thing I enjoy little vacations at home, because we've not traditionally taken travel vacations every year. For so many years it just wasn't in the cards financially, and now it's just our life. We are generally content to be at home. Of course there are many places I've wanted to explore in my life, like the Great Wall of China, the cliff dwelling city of Machu Pichu, and the great pyramids of Egypt. But as life passes and age creeps in, it seems less and less likely that I'll ever see those far-flung locales in person, and I guess I've come to accept that my life has been full and happy without those adventures. I don't long for them anymore the way I used to. Life has been an adventure in itself, and I've been blessed with things some people might envy, like children and grandchildren, so I am able to keep my perspective. Instead of collecting great artwork, which would have been fun, I have a collection of hand made pinch pots from grade school children that brought them lovingly home to me many years ago. They are my treasures.

And so, the lovely, sunny days of winter are perfect for thinking about the things of life, aren't they? At least for me they are...

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Ben Reichart said...

I have seen a great deal of those places, not Machu- Pichu though, and they are amazing. But I can tell you in all honesty they ain't nothing like looking out over the bay back home. Those foreign places sound romantic and all but are filled with danger these days. Plus in my travels around Europe I noticed a couple things, the place is old and for the most part dirty ( except in the tourist areas ) and everywhere you go there's foreigners ! LOL