Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Wednesday's have become one of my favorite days of the week. Since I left my part time job at the church last May, Wednesday's have become my "free day" most weeks, and I love having a day to get things done around my house. This morning I've gotten in a long walk, done the grocery shopping, paid some bills, filed some things on my desk, studied some resumes for a search committee I sit on, and sewn a label in to the prayer shawl I'm going to run up to the church in a few minutes. This afternoon I'll be studying the material for the Sunday School class I begin teaching this week, looking through the material for this summer's vacation bible school (yes-we need to begin planning now!), and starting a sewing project. I feel as though I accomplish a lot on most Wednesday's, probably because I'm not spending an hour or more on the road, as I do on many days. Somehow all the road time tends to eat up my days in an annoying way.

So now my Wednesday is half over and I'll need to wait a week for another one. But...with a snow storm coming....Saturday may be a great day to get things done too. Nothing like a good storm day to keep us close to home! And Saturday is the perfect day for it, giving us two days to shovel out before the responsibilities return on Monday morning.

Bring on the snow!

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