Saturday, January 30, 2016

Sunday School

I am teaching Sunday School. Again.

When I was eighteen-years-old I began teaching the 3&4 year old Sunday School Class.i taught it from that age until I was twenty-six, at which time I stopped because my daughter was going to be my student and I decided it would be better for someone else to take it on at that point.

So then I had children, four in total, of my own, and felt as though I was teaching for a long time, only at home rather than in the Sunday School class. So I've been happily NOT teaching for many years now. But, with the need for teachers never ending at church these days, I have agreed to go back into the classroom.

There are a few noticeable differences in my latest foray into the world of Sunday School. I used to have no problem sitting on the floor with the children. Now I can't even manage to get out of those tiny little chairs in the classroom. I used to sing songs with the kids. Now I have to know how to use a CD player. We used to use flannel graph
stories but now I have a TV set with a remote control for using the DVD player. Instead of a calm, peaceful atmosphere with stories and crafts, it will be a high energy, noisy time. Times have changed. I'm trying to be up to the challenge.

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