Sunday, January 17, 2016


Its snowing today. Not anything of significance, but light snow showers that look very pretty coming down, immediately melt on the windshield of the car, and don't stick to the ground.

It certainly is cold enough to have significant snow if there were moisture to support it, but nothing seems to be in the near future. Temperatures are low today and it feels like winter. I'm perfectly content to sit in my living room with the fireplace on, spending a lazy Sunday afternoon inside my warm house. It even looks cold out there. I'm home for the day now and happy not to have to leave again until tomorrow. It's only 4:15 but it's already dark and sinister looking out there.

It is the depths of winter now, the middle of January and the darkness has descended. Most Chrustmas decorations are out away, which means the lighta have been turned off and stored, and we are looking forward to Spring.

But there are joys to be had in the winter, and there are weeks of it to go, so we may as well dig in and find the pleasure. The snow is pretty. And the fireplace warm. There is plenty to be thankful for right here, right now. And I am.

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