Sunday, January 10, 2016

Rainy Sunday

Well it's a rainy Sunday today-the kid of day many people like to stay in bed to read the papers or watch tv all morning. It's never been our style.

When we first married I was a late sleeper. I could stay in bed until 10 am with no problem on my day off. But then I married an early riser. When your partner is up early it's hard to stay in bed-the whole guilt thing sets in. Besides, what's the point of staying up late and sleeping in late alone? Then, we had all those children. Once you have children there's no such thing as sleeping in. Kids don't care what the clock says, when the sun rises, so do they. And then, they start going to school, which means up and out of the house early every day. So....sleeping in never seemed to be an option.

Even Sunday was never a sleeping in day. I have the opinion that God doesn't require all that much of us, and if one day a week I get up and go to church, it's a small way to show my gratitude for all my many blessings. So Sunday is church day. It is the one day I often stay in bed until 8 though, which I'd pretty much sleeping in for me. I don't think I could sleep later than that if I tried.

The idea of staying in bed late just to snuggle with my beloved is appealing though. Sadly he jumps out every morning before that can happen. Maybe it will be different with my next

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