Saturday, January 16, 2016

Peggy Sue

I was looking through the channels today and came across a favorite old movie I had to stop and watch. There is so much in that movie that touches my heart.

If you've never seen "Peggy Sue Got Married" make a point of doing it. The story is kind of silly, but there are such touching moments throughout it. It's about a woman attending her twenty-fifth high school reunion. She passes out and wakes up back in time, actually in high school. The first touching moment is when she walks into her childhood home. Every detail of the house strikes her. I watch it thinking how great it would be to actually be able to walk into my own home as it was back in the 1960s. If I think about it now, I can even remember the smell of my room, the kitchen, the living room. I can see the color of the walls, the wallpaper, the carpets. Even the posters I hung on my bedroom wall.

I love the way she looks at her mother, seeing for the first time the beautiful woman she had been. And when she picks up the phone in one scene and hears her grandmother's voice on the other end, the look on her face says it all. What would any of us give to hear one of our grandparents voices again?

Well, it's a real fantasy in many ways, this movie. Just thinking about my high school years and my family back then-siblings, grandparents, parents-and realizing how amazing it would be to have the opportunity to go back and change some things we wish we had done better (like Peggy Sue hugging her little sister and telling her how she wants to be closer to her)'s a really interesting movie. I recommend it if you're ever in the mood to take a trip down memory lane....

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