Monday, January 25, 2016


y granddaughters (who are twins) are three-years-old now and they always look adorable.  They are always in matching dresses and they have lots of them. But it makes me realize how lazy, Ned poor, I s hen my own girls were small. Because the only time they wore dresses was when we went to church.

The thing about dresses is that you must pair them with tights, especially in the winter when its cold out. On really cold days I had heavy cable knit tights for them on Sunday's. And the thing about tights is, they aren't cheap, and little girls who are playing tend to rip them.

My favorite togs for my kids were Oshgosh overalls. They were as sturdy as anything and they were adjustable so one pair could fit them for a long time.  The straps could be shortened or lengthened, Ned the bottoms could be rolled up, and it wasn't unusual for them to be worn by one of my kids for two years and then passed down again and again. They were practically indestructible. perhaps they are in some hazardous waste site now, I have no idea. I passed them down to nieces and nephews years ago.

I even remember patching knees in overalls too sometimes. Do preens even know you can patch things to make them last longer? Well, times change, that's for sure. But I will always be an Oshgosh fan. This I know!

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