Wednesday, January 27, 2016

No politics

I never make political statements. I am a total independent voter and vote for just as many republicans as I do democrats. I would be willing to bet that if I went back forty years I would fix I had voted for each party about 50 percent of the time. So I can honestly say that my intense feelings for Donald Trump have nothing to do with the fact that he's a republican.

No I dislike Trump for other reasons, like the fact that he's an ego maniacal blowhard who is obnoxious at best. Living in NY means we've had plenty of experience it's him over the years-he's in the press plenty round here. I understand why he appeals to people who are draw to his un-political persona and bunt way of saying things. But honestly, he is not a good person.

So...I am especially amused by this recent dust-up with reporter Megyn Kelly. Because he is every bit like the school yard bully that someone finally hauls off and hits and he goes running off crying to the teacher. Poor thing. He can't handle this smart woman challenging him. And it exposes him for exactly what he is: a chauvinistic ego maniac who is close to taking his ball and running home. It can't happen soon enough for me.

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Ben Reichart said...

I don't support him but I wouldn't count on that happening. He is tapping into the emotions of the masses, not necessarily the most informed of the electorate. It is a scary prospect this idea of a Republic, good thing it isn't a simple majority !