Sunday, January 24, 2016

Morning after

As is usually the case following a storm, we woke to a beautiful, sunny day today. We were outside about 7:30 just as the sun was coming through the trees, lighting up the snow like a field of diamonds. Everything sparkled in every direction and the world looks absolutely magical.

Nothing transforms everything round the way a snowstorm does. It covers all the dirt, the brown grass, the messy stuff everywhere around and makes it clean and sparkling. The sun is bouncing off every surface and even inside the house the light is blinding. Across the street the field is full of snowballs created by the wind overnight. It looks as though the deer were playing together, a pick-up game of soccer perhaps.

We'll be heading out soon to see if we can find an open church to attend. I'll take my camera with me. And say a little prayer of thanks for being alive to see this wonderful day.

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