Thursday, January 7, 2016

Kid time

We had some one-on-one kid time with Piper today and I loved it. I was reminded of how much I enjoyed it when my own kids were young and I managed to get them off by themselves.

Kids are really very different when they're alone with adults. They seem to blossom at the opportunity to be the only one vying for attention. Whether it's baking cookies or watching a movie, they love it. Today we had popcorn and watched a movie together, then played some dominoes before her father arrived. With no other kids around we were able to talk about school, make snacks, and cuddle on the couch. It was great.

I remember happily driving one of my kids to wherever they had to be, just because it meant a few minutes in the car alone to talk. In a big family it doesn't happen all that often. And with ten grandchildren it's even rarer now. So today was a special treat.

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