Saturday, January 2, 2016


This really felt like the start of a new year today.

Yesterday we went to the movies and spent time with family-a real day off. But today we buckled down and got to work. There are many "cleaning out" projects to be done, and we started a few of them. I changed out the new cover and shams in the guest room. I cleaned out three drawers, a storage cabinet, and the medicine cabinet in my bathroom, resulting in three heavy bags to go to the dump. (Who knew old cosmetics weighed so much?)

We made a trip to K Mart for some new pillows, making stops at CVS and Citarella along the way. Then I started a pot of soup, using the ham bone I'd put into the freezer over the holidays. While it was simmering I cleaned off my desk, which had become covered with bills and other things over the past few very busy weeks.

If feels good to clean out and throw out and get things in order. And a brand new year calls for nice clean slates. Today was a good start, but there is much more to get done....

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