Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Tonight is the first forecast for snow. We had a few flakes once this year, but not a real "forecast" of any accumulation. And this snow that's forecast is largely going to happen north of us, with our area only expecting what the meteorologist call "a dusting". So I don't expect to get up and see any significant accumulation when I get up in the morning. But then again, we never know about these things until they actually happen. Weather is still an inexact science. It's pretty accurate most of the time, but the rain/snow line is always an educated guess. I don't bet on it, ever. But I do trust the experts most of the time.

I would not be sorry to see snow in the ground in the morning, as long as it isn't enough to keep me from getting out of the house when necessary. I love the way snow looks, covering the world in white. I look forward to seeing winter arrive in the truest sense. I also like the snow to melt quickly and be gone within a day or two.

Call me crazy, but it is January. It's time for a little fluffy white stuff to arrive.

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