Saturday, January 9, 2016


One of my favorite things about the months of January and February is the simple evenings with friends. There's something about the dark, chilly months that bring us together in such an intimate way.

Tonight, for instance, we're having four people in for dinner and I'm looking forward to the conversation over wine and food, cozy in our warm house, enjoying the company of interesting people. I try as often as possible to have people in, always keeping the menu simple and easy, but enjoying the opportunity to put out pretty flowers and light candles during these long winter nights.

This morning I ran out and picked up some red tulips and white daisies at the local grocery store, which I brought home to put together for a cheery centerpiece. Those, along with the red and white table settings, look bright and pretty on this January day, and I'm already anticipating the laughter and  camaraderie to come.

Winter is made for family and friendships. We need each other for warmth in more ways than one, and depend on neighbors to keep us from the isolation that comes with darkness. I like these months. And entertaining is just one of the reasons why.

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