Friday, January 29, 2016


Well the beautiful blue skies that we enjoyed all week have given way to clouds today and although there are pretty blue patches to find, the sun is subdued and the ground grayer today. The temperature is still well above freezing though, which means I could leave my winter coat at home when I went out to do errands this morning. I much prefer life without winter coats and only use them when it's 1) below freezing, 2) very windy, or 3) at night. Otherwise a sweater or jacket is more than enough for me and since I am constantly in and out of the car it's more comfortable. Sometimes just a pair of gloves is enough.

Tonight we go out for a lecture at Clinton Academy and I imagine I'll drag out my coat for that.  It will be chilly outside but cozy and warm inside where we'll sit with about 100 other people, learning about the history of our beautiful windmills here on the East End. I look forward to these lectures every year. I know it won'
t disappoint.

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