Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Tthe wind is howling out there today, making an otherwise sunny, brisk day a bit unbearable.

The sky is beautiful today. Looking out the window is deceiving because it looks so pretty out there. I never mind the cold because I bundle up and can be comfortable regardless of the temperature. But the wind? It's pretty hard to guard against that. It bites into your face and stings like crazy. Even wrapping scarves around my face doesn't completely cover it, and that gets to be awkward anyway. After all, we do need to see where we're going.

My two gripes about winter are wind and ice. I could do without either of those. But of course, they come with the season and we must endure.

Besides, irs only a few weeks now until Spring. And I do love Spring! In fact, as much as I like all the seasons, I wouldn't mind extended both Spring and Fall be a few weeks and reducing Summer and Winter to about a month each. A month or two would do. Too bad I'm not in charge...

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