Saturday, January 23, 2016


This is the best possible time to have a blizzard. It's the weekend, so nobody is out trying to get to work, there is no hurry to get clean-up started, and we have lots of food in the house. Tomorrow the sun will come out and we'll have a whole day to clean off cars and get the driveway cleared. And it is BEAUTIFUL outside.

There is nothing quite as lovely as freshly fallen snow, when it's still hanging on tightly to every little reach and outlining each with clean, fresh, white. It doesn't take long once the sun comes out for those branches to release their heavy coatings and clumps of snow will fall unceremoniously to the ground, no longer falling in flakes and blowing round in swirling curlicues. But now the trees and bushes are burdened with the weight of the icy precipitation.

Today we let the weather rant outside our windows, howling and carrying on like a child having a temper tantrum. And the world likewise is held at by. We don't think about our schedules or our responsibilities, we just rest. And I don't mind that at all.

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