Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Back in

Yep-we are right back into the routine now.

Somehow the holidays seemed to last a really long time this year. I think it's because both were on Fridays, meaning they really began mid-day on Thursday. And then Saturday and Sunday followed, which made them nicely stretched out. With a four day work week in between. There are many years when we head right back to work the next day. In fact, we'll lose another long weekend opportunity next Christmas when you might expect the holiday to fall on Saturday, giving us Sunday to recuperate. Sadly, that won't happen as we have a leap year this year and therefore both Christmas and New Years will fall on Sundays, meaning....back to work Monday! So we get cheated a little this coming December.

Well in any case, today felt like regular business and clearly the holidays are over. I refuse to turn off the outdoor Christmas lights just yet though. In these, the darkest days of winter, we need a little holiday cheer.

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