Saturday, December 12, 2015


Last night was our final walking tour of the Main Street historic district for the year 2015. I always enjoy them.

I've been assisting with these tours for quite a few years now and, since I am a minor player in this show, I mostly get to go along and listen. Hugh King, who is the real character in this play, is such a wealth of information and I learn something new every time we do it.

My role is small. I come in costume, right out of the 1800s, and carry a flashlight to assist with every one's footing in the tricky areas. Occasionally I add a few words about one of the places we stop, leading the way on the information about the history of the Presbyterian Church, for instance. But other than that, Its all Hugh's wit and wisdom that makes the night.

Last night we were blessed with warm weather and clear skies and it was a really nice way to spend a little time, walking around beautiful East Hampton Main Street, reliving history and learning about the lives our ancestors lived. What could be better than that?

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