Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The pond

There is nothing quite like coming into East Hampton and turning the corner from Woods Lane on to Main Street. Of course, arriving in East Hampton actually happens a few miles before that, but there is something about that pond that makes it home.

Perhaps it's because now you are in the center of town, where it all began over 370 years ago. The early settlers knew what they were doing. They set up shop perpendicular to the ocean, not parallel to it, where flooding and storms would take their toll. No, they were too smart for that. Which is why the Bennetts and Talmages and Hedges don't own oceanfront property. They were way to smart for that!

Yes, the pond signals that we have arrived,just as it has for many, many years. It is the scene that dreams are made of. Dreams of servicemen serving overseas, and college students far from home. And of the many native sons and daughters that have had to move to points far afield from here. There is something about the pond. And Main Street. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that very little has changed in a very long time. The homes are still pretty much the same, with Home Sweet Home and the beautiful churches standing guard. No, not much has changed here, at least not at the entrance to the village. So whether you live in the Springs, or Amagansett, or any other part of East Hampton, it's Town Pond that defines home. And it's always good to be here...

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Ben Reichart said...

Very true, it all began around the pond. My own father would often speak of the folly of oceanfront property ! He would say, it's alright if you like to watch your money go out to sea. And then he would expound upon the fact there were no trees to block the wind, grass doesn't grow in sand, and how bad a spot the beach is to be when a storm comes up. he would say, well Bub you want to be back away in a stand of good pines during a storm whether it is snow or a hurricane. Pines are quite flexible. The beach is a nice place to visit but you don't want to live there !