Tuesday, December 22, 2015


It would be nice
to see a light snow today instead of this rain. Call me crazy, but I love seeing a little snow on the ground!

Oh I'm not talking about a considerable accumulation or a blizzard-there is way too much to get done now, and far too many folks hitting the road this week. But a light coating, enough to cover the world in a lovely white throw, would be very welcome in my book. It is Christmas, after all!

I am feeling pretty much ready for Friday at this point, but a new cold has me feeling less than 100% and I would be happy to be able to simply veg on the couch, but that's just not possible. I'm even supposed to be singing at church on Christmas Eve, and that's in question at this point I'm not giving up yet, and I've been faithfully taking Zinc pills every three hours "as directed", but I'm not sure it will do the trick. We'll see!

Somehow the times I feel the need to lay back and not do anything never come at convenient times.

Well here we are. There are two days left to get things done. There is NO time for sitting down now!

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