Thursday, December 17, 2015


I got a lot done yesterday. And I feel better today. Because this time of the year is full of stress and worry if you get behind at all!

I live with lists. Every day this week I have a list of places to be and things to get done. All my lists lead up to this weekend and then I can breath. Then I can skate right to Christmas Day. I can enjoy the next couple weeks with few commitments and no schedules. The hustle and bustle will be past and I can look forward to a few weeks of quiet, knitting by the fire and watching the snow fall.

Well, that's my fantasy in any case. Maybe the snow will fall, and maybe I'll be able to sit inside and watch it. If I'm not on ambulance duty....or have meetings to go to....or whatever. In any case I look forward to January. I'm ready for it.

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