Tuesday, December 29, 2015


One of the things I love about being at my daughter's in Pennsylvania is the games.

The kids here are pretty limited in their time on electronics. They spend a lot of time outside and they play lots of board games as a family. So when we visit I love playing games with the kids. When they were younger the variety was a bit more limited. But now that they're all over the age of ten we get to play things that are a bit more challenging. On this trip it's been rummikub, which we've played before, and a new one they got for Christmas called bananagram. It involves making words with your tiles, all connected like a crossword. It's challenging and good exercise for the brain so I enjoyed it. I have no one to play games with at home since my husband has no interest in it, so when I'm here I love getting lots of game time in. With all the potential partners it's not difficult.

My next husband will definitely be a gamer. Hopefully not a gambler, but most definitely someone who'll play a game at the kitchen table now and again....

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