Wednesday, December 23, 2015


My biggest frustration with the holidays is simply that they don't last long enough. I think we need to move Thanksgiving back into October so we'll have two months to celebrate.

Every year I wish I had more time for entertaining. I love having people over during the holidays, and I just don't have enough to time to do it all. I do one large dinner party for old friends and one luncheon for my colleagues at village hall. But that leaves a lot of people out! I want to have a family party that includes all my nieces and nephews, and a dinner party for newer friends, and maybe an open house for so many people whose lives touch ours all during the year. If only I had a larger house, I could have them all at the same time! But alas, it is what it is, and I simply can't manage to get it all done at once. It's one of the frustrations of the season.

Today I will be done with my entertaining, with the exception of course of Christmas Day when my nuclear family will all be here. And then, I look forward to being with friends for New Years Eve, not entertaining myself, but enjoying the hospitality of others. And that will be a treat for sure.

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