Wednesday, December 16, 2015


I love making deliveries at Christmas. I love giving gifts and visiting with people as I deliver them to various friends and family. This year the fun will be stretched out a little longer since we'll be traveling to see family the day after Christmas, which means more deliveries to enjoy.

When we were kids my aunt and uncle from upstate came to spend every Christmas with us here in East Hampton. I still remember the excitement of watching them unload their car when they arrived, carefully transporting the beautifully wrapped gifts into the house and under the tree. My aunt did beautiful ribbon treatments on her gifts, wrapping and manipulating it into wonderful bows, or even ribbon flowers. They were special gifts under the tree and we knew that whether we liked them or not, they were chosen carefully with a great deal of care.

I'm not sure my grand kids get as much of a thrill out of our gifts as volume alone makes mine much more assembly-line style than my aunt's were. But they are still chosen with care...and packaged with a great deal of love.

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