Saturday, December 19, 2015


I'm trying to find a label for our Christmas decor. Some people have decorations you could describe as "modern", or "Victorian", maybe "traditional" for some. But mine is more on the "eclectic" side of things.

I used to think that some day I would have the perfect, classy decor for my house. Once the children were grown I pull decide on a theme and go out and buy all new ornaments and hangings for the house, very classy and well coordinated. But that never happened. Because there were grandchildren. And there were memories. And there were artifacts. So every Christmas, we drag out the same old boxes with the unbreakable ornaments, the mementos of Christmases past, things my kids made in kindergarten, the piece we bought on our honeymoon....

I don't care so much now about having beautiful decor for the holidays. I mean, it would be nice, and it would look lovely I know. But somehow the comfort that comes with those old things, and the joy of letting the grand kids help decorate because they can't do any harm, the end of the day, Christmas is all about love now, isn't it?

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