Sunday, December 27, 2015


Well, best laid plans.

Usually when I'm away from home I blog at night when I get into the so,it use of my room. Last night I got snuggled in about 9:30 and took out my iPad ready to recount the day's trip and celebration with the family "from away" only to discover I couldn't get onto my daughter's Internet. No longer dressed appropriately, and too tired anyway, I resisted the urge to traipse back downstairs to figure out what the necessary password was and read the NY Times that I'd brought along with me instead.

It was our best trip ever yesterday. We got off nice and early while most people were still sleeping off the holiday and We made record time. The roads on Long Island were fairly empty and we were on Staten Island in two hours. Traffic was heavier on the Jersey Turnpike, but we never slowed down and it seemed like no time at all before we were in Pennsylvania. We were even able to make a couple quick stops along the way to take advantage of the after-Christmas sales st Walmart, etc. more Christmas lights to bring home for next year's celebration! Yippee!

The time here always goes too quickly but we're grateful for the time we get. I may get a chance to blog again before we leave. Or not. We shall see....

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