Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Today has most certainly be colder than the most recent weeks have been. Today I could feel winter coming.

It began with grabbing the gloves from the loser. I haven't yet given in to the winter coat phase as many others have, so I was happy with an nice wool sweater. But gloves were a must.

Then it continued with the ice on my windshield. I sat waiting for the de-icer to warm up because I didn't have the energy to get the scrapper out and clean off the front and back windshields. Instead I sat for a good five minutes in the driveway, waiting for the heat to come up and the windshield to clear.

It's been a beautiful sunny day today though and the sky was clear and air crisp. It was the best of what November has to offer. It certainly has been unusually mild here this fall, but after all, it is Thanksgiving, and we've had blizzards in my memory on this very week. So I'm happy with the sun and the fact that I can still get away without my coat. Today was a beauty, and I'll gladly take it!

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