Saturday, October 3, 2015

Real men

Tonight is the forth annual cocktail party to raise funds for local cancer charities. A group of friends got together in 2011 and decided we needed to do something to help in the fight and to care for women dealing with cancer, often while trying to raise children and keep their jobs and clean their houses....

The first year we did this in honor of a friend who had died the previous year. Since then two more friends have died and their names are also on our flyers and they are in our hearts as we work toward this event. It's sobering to see their photos on the easel at the entrance.

This is a long day and the event is a lot of work. But tonight I will go to bed exhausted....and very happy. Happy to have raised money to help other women get mammograms and fund transportation for their treatments....and very very happy not to have my photo up on that easel yet. I'm a lucky woman and I hate cancer.

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