Friday, October 9, 2015


It was only a little over a month ago that my eldest daughter turned forty. Today my second child, also a daughter, turns 37.

Just yesterday I was looking through old photos of my kids and thinking how amazing it was that the years had passed so quickly. I remembered every one of those moments as they were being frozen in time by my uncle's camera, and yet, they were over thirty years ago. How is that possible? I feel the same way I did then, but when I look at those pictures I wonder where that young woman went. And I feel as though those children are still just out of sight, playing in the back yard or upstairs in their rooms. Yet they aren't here at all. They're off living their adult lives in other homes. Life is quickly passing by.

Today I'll be remembering a Monday morning back in 1978 when we drove to the hospital, anxious to find out whether this little person would be a boy or a girl, and what our lives would be like as we became a family of four. Little did we know how it would on,y get better and better. Baby Elizabeth was coming to greet the world, and the world has been a better place for it ever since.

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