Friday, September 4, 2015


I'm looking forward to today because today I get to devote all my time and energy to Piper.

Piper is all of five years old this year and next week she starts kindergarten. She is more than ready. She's smart, funny, and cute as they come and spending time with her is always a treat. She's a bundle of energy, always singing, dancing, asking questions, and just being her bright little self. I have mixed feelings about her going off to school, just as I did with my own children, because once they go to school they change in subtle ways. They begin to pick up words and sayings they hadn't been exposed to before. They experience things like bullying, embarrassment, and shame for the first time in their young lives, and they discover that the world is not always as kind as they thought it was all these years. Up until that age they've been surrounded by people who adore them and would never do anything to hurt them. That changes once they go to school full time.

Oh, of course they do see some of that in pre-school, but it's not quite the same as what they encounter in a big classroom, in a big school, with hundreds of other children. It's the age where they lose some of their innocence and are suddenly aware of others' opinions and ideas.

It's the beginning of life in the real world. But today, this last week before she heads off to school, I get to have her in all her sweet innocence one more time. And I'm going to treasure every moment of it.

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