Sunday, September 20, 2015


Just a lazy Sunday here in PA today. Up early for church and then just enjoying my daughter's comfy house all afternoon. The kids are at various times reading, doing homework, and playing outdoors. I've been checking emails, texting people, watching the kids do their things, and playing games with them. It's a no-stress, easy, quiet day with no tv and no phone calls and I can already feel myself starting to relax. I needed this break.

I love my busy life. I like to feel productive and contributing to society. And I know that the day may come when I'll wish I was able to get out and do the things I always have, involved in my community and busy with many things. So I don't want to waste the time I have, while I'm still physically active and mentally somewhat together, by doing nothing. I'm not the retiring type.

But....a little R & R now and then is good for the body and soul. I'm looking forward to my week here in the hills of Pennsylvania, with no demands other than to just be here.

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