Thursday, September 17, 2015


Another stunning day today. I'm running out of superlatives because I am loving this weather so much! I determined years ago that it was a waste of time to complain about the weather because
    a. There's nothing we can do about it,
    b. There are more important things to despair about, and
    c. Life is too short to whine about things like the weather.
But I never said I wouldn't wax on about how amazingly great the weather is when it's just the way I like it!

Well instead of repeating myself and going on and on about the sunshine and temperature, let me tell you about my walk this morning. I walk with a friend who meets me here at my house about 6:15 in the morning. We walk up the hill to Newtown Lane, down Newtown, back up to the parking lot, through the lot, then up Main Street to the library. From there we cross Main and head down one of the side streets. This morning it was Pondview, which is one of the most beautiful streets in the village. Because it's a fairly recent development, opposed to most of the roads that began as horse and buggy paths, it was designed with nice curves, reducing the temptation to speed, and while it begins on Main Street, it ends on Egypt Lane, the latter end with no houses but rather a small bridge that spans that portion of Hook Pond, surrounded on both sides by reeds and windflowers.

This morning as we approached the last houses we could see beyond them the sun beaming through the trees and illuminating the tall reeds around the pond. There was a morning mist hovering over the pond which softened the stark, tall reeds and gave the scene the look of a water color painting. It was a brand new day saying hello and beckoning us forward to complete our task and get on with whatever lay ahead.

It set the tone for my entire day and I smiled my way through the rest.

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