Tuesday, September 22, 2015


We did more shopping today and I was reminded anew at how much more fun it is to shop with another woman. Seriously.

Since my dear friend died an 2013 I have been loathe to shop. And she and I always did our shopping trips together.

I don't mean food shopping, although BJs and Costco are in this category and we often visited them - but mostly I mean other types  of shopping. Today my daughter and I wandered in and out of stores, sometimes spending a good amount of time looking and others barely staying five minutes. We went into clothing stores, furnishing stores, and discount giants. We bought accessories and housewares. I found the fabrics and notions I needed to make some special Christmas gifts. And we talked. It was the first time in a couple years I've had a nice shopping day.

Men don't shop well. They aren't interested in perusing shelves and racks and rooting out the things they didn't know they needed. I think they assume all those birthday and Christmas gifts just materialize out of thin air. They don't. They come home after careful consideration and much planning to add to the pile. In a man's world Christmas would be nothing more than envelopes stuffed with money or gift certificates.

It was nice to have shopping company again. I've missed that.

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