Sunday, September 20, 2015


It's warm here in Pennsylvania, but the scenery is lovely. And being with the kids is always great.

Last night it was hard to sleep with the heat. I was enjoying the chilly nights at home but had to throw most of the covers off here as the temperature was a bit warmer than I like. Of course, the first night in a different bed is always a strange one for me. I'm a creature of habit and don't adjust easily to change. Perhaps that's a product of my age as well. I seem to remember being able to sleep on couches and floors when I was young, but that wouldn't happen now I don't think, unless I was completely exhausted. So the heat was a factor, but so was the circumstance.

They're predicting cooler days this week which should mean cooler nights as well. And as the week goes on the bed will become my own.

The grass is so green here, and the farm fields still beautiful. I miss the fields of potatoes and other crops back on the East End. I remember well how we drove through those fields as we went from East Hampton to Southampton, field after field all the way along Montauk Highway. Slowly those fields have turned into residential and commercial properties, and the open fields have become fewer and farther between. I love seeing them here in Pennsylvania-it always reminds me of "home".

I'm looking forward to driving around this week, especially in Amish country. The farms are plentiful and the memories sweet.

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