Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Tomorrow we're taking my ten-year-old grandson into New York to see a Broadway Show. We bought the tickets months ago and are excited to see the show and also to see HIM seeing the show. This is a kid who loves theater, takes tap dancing lessons, and dreams of a career on stage. So he will love this experience.

However, Manhattan totally overwhelms me and I'm dreading the fact that it's going to rain all day. That means looking for cabs, which will be few and far between, and waiting for buses, all in the rain. Yuck.

I think the chances are I won't be blogging tomorrow, but Thursday I could be full of stories about trying to keep track of a ten-year-old while jumping the puddles and looking for streets. Oh it could be an interesting day for sure.

Going in to the city is always a challenge. Tomorrow especially so.

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