Saturday, September 26, 2015

Last day

Today is my last day in Pennsylvania and it's been a quiet, relaxing one. We haven't left the house yet, although we may for dinner. I have eaten more this week than in the past month, I believe. So many great restaurants to enjoy. And great company to enjoy them in.

Leaving is always so bittersweet. I love heading home, where my own house await, the place of shelter and comfort to me for nearly forty years now. I also look forward to seeing loved ones back home, but seeing them means missing the ones here. And driving out of this driveway is always melancholy for me. I miss them terribly when I'm gone, but have learned to put the armor on and try not to think about it too often. It's how we survive missing the people we love I suppose.

It takes me about an hour on the road to stop thinking about how sad I am and instead begin thinking about what waits at the end of Long Island. I wash my sadness away with anticipation. And yet, those I leave behind will always be close to my heart and never far from my mind.

Love is such a difficult thing sometimes. But I wouldn't want to live a life devoid of it.

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