Monday, September 21, 2015


We drove into Lancaster today, which is always a treat for me. My daughter lives not far from there, and we took advantage of the kids time at school to do some shopping at the outlets. In and out of a number of stores resulted in a number of shopping bags filling the back of the car.

My favorite part of that drive though is seeing the Amish going
about their everyday lives. We saw them shopping in their beautiful black aprons tied over brightly colored dresses. We saw horses and buggies traveling along the farm roads. And we saw children playing, or walking to school with their little tin buckets in hand holding their lunches.

Their farms are interesting too. Many of them grow tobacco and when it's harvested they hang it in the barns, rows upon rows of long brown leaves drying in the air, and the barns are built specifically for the task. Every two vertical boards are hinted at the top so they can be pushed out at the bottom and fastened to stay that way, keeping the air circulating inside to enhance the drying process. It gives the barns an interesting look, almost like vertical window blinds.

It's a unique part of the world and beautiful, rolling countryside, bright rich green in every direction now as autumn moves in. And I enjoy visiting.

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